Veterans Remember the Battle of Peleliu

Peleliu Service Group

1st Service Battalion (- detachments)

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16th Field Depot

Lewis E. Stenberg, H&S Co., 16th Field Depot
young man in uniform
"I was with the sixteenth field depot which was the supply service for the 1st Marine Division going into Peleliu. We shipped everything from food, ammo, clothing and anything needed for combat. We had one of the first all colored company personal that helped load and unload ships and they made a name for themselves on Peleliu under combat.

As soon as we arrived on Peleliu, they unloaded us and put us on a secondary line. The enemy was infiltrating our lines every night. The 1st Division had taken a horrible beating and the casualties were tremendous so every man, cook, clerk, office worker and bugler was pressed into service as ammo haulers, stretcher bearers and all around troops."

7th Marine Ammunition Company

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11th Marine Depot Company

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