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Preserving the History

The Peleliu Preservation Plan, funded though a NPS grant is now completed. Several of the recommendations have already been implemented by the State of Peleliu, including the establishment of a Peleliu State Historical Commission. The Peleliu War Historical Society donated $1000 to the state of Peleliu to assist with the commission.

A road sign project has begun with 5 directional road signs erected along with repairs to the deck at the 323 monument.  Materials have also been purchased for repair of the museum roof. Repairs should begin soon. In each case where work has needed to be done, the Palau Civic Action Team has performed the labor.  The Peleliu War Historical Society also provided materials so the plaque donated by the USS Peleliu could be mounted. 

A major accomplishment was the recent clearing of vegetation on and surrounding the Japanese Headquarter building at the airfield.  This was accomplished with the generous help of the State of Peleliu. 

Earlier this year almost $3000 worth of VHF marine radio equipment was donated to the Peleliu State Rangers.

The Peleliu War Historical Society has now completed two Museum Assessments of the Peleliu Museum through the support of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), one for the architecture and the second for the collections.

This summer a field survey will be conducted by members of the University of Aberdeen Department of Archeology of military sites on Peleliu.  This is being funded through a NPS grant the Peleliu War Historical Society received and will take-off on work first begun by Dr. Colt Denfeld.

The Peleliu War Historical Society is continuing efforts to partner the U.S. National Park Service with the State of Peleliu, which is now looking optimistic with a formal request recently made by the State of Peleliu to the Park Service for assistance.

For more information, please visit the Peleliu War Historical Society website.

New Memorial on Peleliu

The Navy Seabees were proud and honored to hang a memorial plaque on Koror that says, "Dedicated to United States Navy personnel to include Naval Aviators, Corpsmen, Chaplains, Doctors and Seabees who supported the First Marine Division during the Peleliu WWII Campaign."

The plaque was donated by the Peleliu Marine Veterans.
New Memorial on Peleliu
New Memorial on Peleliu.

plaque to honor navy personnel
Memorial plaque on Koror, hung by the Navy Seebees.