Michael A. Lazaro's Story

Michael Lazaro Chronology

December 28, 1922 Michael A. Lazaro born to Mr. & Mrs. Anton Lazaro in Chicago, Illinois.
September 1, 1939 Germany attacks Poland beginning World War II.
December 7, 1941 Japan attacks the United States at Pearl Harbor.
January 22, 1943 Michael receives notice of induction into the armed forces.
February 5, 1943 Michael inducted into the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve with service number 801445.
February 8, 1943 Michael joins the 1st Recruit Bn. at MCRD, San Diego, CA.
April 1, 1943 Michael qualifies with the rifle as a marksman by shooting a 289.
April 7, 1943 Michael qualified with the bayonet with a score of 58.
April 10, 1943 Michael graduates from Platoon 135 and joins Casual Company at MCRD.
April 24, 1943 Michael joins Co. E, Infantry Training Bn., Training Center at Camp Elliott, CA.
June 19, 1943 Michael is absent without leave from Training Center. Goes home to Chicago for visit.
July 16, 1943 Michael returns on his own to Training Center.
August 2, 1943 Michael joins Casual Company at U. S. Naval Hospital MCRD hospitalized with appendicitis.
August 21, 1943 Michael re-joins Co. E, Infantry Training Bn., Training Center at Camp Elliott, CA.
September 7, 1943 Michael tried by Summary Court Martial for being AWOL.
September 16, 1943 Summary Court Martial approved but punishment is unknown.
September 25, 1943 Michael joins the 27th Replacement Bn. Fleet Marine Force.
October 23, 1943 Michael departs aboard SS Mormachawk from San Diego, CA. for the Pacific.
November 10, 1943 Michael arrives at Noumea, New Caledonia and disembarks ship the next day.
November 26, 1943 Michael embarks aboard USAT Maui and commences sailing on Nov. 28, 1943.
December 4, 1943 Michael arrives at Goodenough Island and joins Company C, 1st Bn,, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division.
December 5, 1943 Michael experiences Japanese aerial attack at Sambogo staging area. Cape Sudest, N. Papua.
December 11, 1943 Michael experiences Japanese aerial attack at Sambogo staging area. Cape Sudest, N. Papua.
December 19, 1943 Michael experiences Japanese aerial attack at Sambogo staging area. Cape Sudest, N. Papua.
December 24, 1943 Michael departs aboard USS Sands (APD#13) from Cape Sudest, N. Papua, New Guinea.
December 26, 1943 Michael lands at Cape Gloucester, New Britain and defended the beachhead until Jan. 1, 1944.
January 2, 1944 Michael participates in an attack on Silimati Point and capture of Hill 660 until Jan. 8, 1944.
January 17, 1944 Michael participates in the defense of the Cape Gloucester airfield until April 29, 1944.
January 22, 1943 Michael participates on the Gilnit patrol, Itni River area, western New Britain until Feb. 17, 1944.
April 30, 1944 Michael boards the USS Fayette and departs May 1, 1944.
May 3, 1944 Michael arrives at Pavuvu Island, Russell Island Group, British Solomon Islands.
August 1, 1944 Michael joins H&S Company, 1st Pioneer Bn., 1st Marine Division.
August 25, 1944 Michael embarks aboard USS Fayette and sails the same day.
August 27, 1944 The USS Fayette anchors at Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands to conduct pre-invasion training.
September 8, 1944 Michael departs Guadalcanal aboard the USS Fayette for Peleliu.
September 15, 1944 Michael participates in the landing on Peleliu, Palau Group, Caroline Islands.
October 14, 1944 Michael is killed in action at Bloody Nose Ridge in Peleliu while on patrol. Records indicate that his body is not recovered.
November 29, 1944 The Marine Corps notifies family of Michael's death.
December 16, 1944 The War Finace Committee sends their condolences and dedicates a new bomber to Michael.
December 20, 1944 US Senator from Illinois, Honorable Scott Lucas sends his condolences to family.
January 25, 1945 Family notified by Marine Corps that engraved purple heart will be sent.
September 2, 1945 Japan surrenders, ending World War II.
June 3, 1947 Final search of Area 63 on Peleliu completed with no remains found of Michael.
February 5, 1948 Michael's personal belongings returned home.
August 16, 1948 Remainder of campaign ribbons, including Presidential Unit Citation, are sent to family.
July 13, 1949 US Army declares that Michael's remains are unrecoverable and closes the case.
September 6, 1949 Marine Corps sends family KIA certificate stating honorable service record.
May 7, 2001 Niece Connie learns that Uncle Mike is memorialized by a tablet at the Manila Amer. Cemetery.
February 7, 2002 Nephew George requests a memorial marker for Uncle Mike from the Dept. of Veteren Affairs.
April 26, 2002 Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery notifies the family that the marker is in place.
September 11, 2004 Nephew George travels to Peleliu to see the island where Michael died.